Talking Online Invitations with Fox17

Thanks to Annie Szatowski from Fox17 for having us on to talk about online invitations!

We met VERY early in the morning at Lamb Bride on Wealthy Street (a great Grand Rapids event venue for your showers and wedding festivities) and talked with the proprietors of Mokaya about their chocolate making activities that sound like a lot of fun.

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The Perfect Inexpensive Party Cocktail

With every event comes the common beverage dilemma. You want to have unique and delicious drinks, but $15 craft cocktails will quickly eat into your event budget.

We want to share a genius event hack: Prosecco Spritzers 

inexpensive party drink

What is a Prosecco Spritzer?

A loose definition involves Prosecco mixed with something else. Great mixers include juices (like pomegranate or pineapple), lemonade, or tea. Our friends at Early Bird Cafe made a Strawberry Citrus Tea Spritzer for our Almost Holiday Party last year that was amazing. 

Why is this a genius event hack?

Prosecco Spritzers Tea

They're inexpensive

By our estimation, you can pull these off for $3-4 per glass.

Prosecco can usually be found for around $15/bottle and most venues can help you order it by the case. Because the spritzers are partially juice, you can get 7-8 glasses out of a bottle instead of the standard 4. 

Add in a mixer, some garnish and you're set.

Strawberry Citrus Tea Spritzers with Prosecco

They look fancy

Right? Enough said.

tea spritzer mocktail

They can easily become a mocktail

There will probably be someone at your event who is looking for a non-alcoholic option. Usually, hosts offer water or soda, which can be pretty boring to drink at a festive event. Spritzers can easily be made into a mocktail by substituting soda water for Prosecco. 

Invite us if you serve these at your event, K?