Corporate Event Invitation

#GoBoldly in CAT's Shoes.

CAT Footwear understands the importance of not just bringing people together to see their products, but instead creating an event experience that brings their brand to life.

Last fall, CAT invited press and influencers into their NYC showroom to unveil their Spring Summer shoe line. The theme was Go Boldly and the event did just that. On-site shoe tattooing, beer pong, a graffiti wall and bold food treats transformed a press event into a full immersive experience. 

To see more event details, visit our blog highlight on this event.

Photos by: Peter Roessler

Corporate Event Invitation

Bold Invitations

Blackbird invitations allowed CAT's brand to be reflected from the very first touchpoint. With each RSVP, they were able to capture just how many brûléed ice cream cups they would need.


1 Successful Party

Blackbird RSVP gave us the custom look we needed to pull off such a unique event.
— Jamie Kirby, CAT Events