The Perfect Inexpensive Party Cocktail

With every event comes the common beverage dilemma. You want to have unique and delicious drinks, but $15 craft cocktails will quickly eat into your event budget.

We want to share a genius event hack: Prosecco Spritzers 

inexpensive party drink

What is a Prosecco Spritzer?

A loose definition involves Prosecco mixed with something else. Great mixers include juices (like pomegranate or pineapple), lemonade, or tea. Our friends at Early Bird Cafe made a Strawberry Citrus Tea Spritzer for our Almost Holiday Party last year that was amazing. 

Why is this a genius event hack?

Prosecco Spritzers Tea

They're inexpensive

By our estimation, you can pull these off for $3-4 per glass.

Prosecco can usually be found for around $15/bottle and most venues can help you order it by the case. Because the spritzers are partially juice, you can get 7-8 glasses out of a bottle instead of the standard 4. 

Add in a mixer, some garnish and you're set.

Strawberry Citrus Tea Spritzers with Prosecco

They look fancy

Right? Enough said.

tea spritzer mocktail

They can easily become a mocktail

There will probably be someone at your event who is looking for a non-alcoholic option. Usually, hosts offer water or soda, which can be pretty boring to drink at a festive event. Spritzers can easily be made into a mocktail by substituting soda water for Prosecco. 

Invite us if you serve these at your event, K?