How to send email invitations

Blackbird email invitations are a great way to invite people to your event - and look great on any device. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions about our email invitations. 

How do Blackbird email invitations work?

You have the ability to send an email invitation to your list of possible attendees. To use this, visit the Send Invitations link on your event's dashboard. Simple add attendees one-by-one or upload a spreadsheet of invitees. Your email invitations will contain an RSVP button that sends recipients to your Blackbird RSVP event page so they can learn about your event and let you know if they will be attending.  

What will they look like?

The Send Invitations page contains a preview of the email. The email invitation uses the banner image you uploaded to the top of your event page & the event details you entered when you created your event. 


How to send email invitations 

Blackbird email invitations can be sent one at a time or by uploading a spreadsheet of invitees. 

To send invitations one-by-one, enter your invitee's information on the Send Invitations page, as shown below:

To upload a spreadsheet of invitees to invite, first download our CSV invitee template from the Send Invitations page and enter your invitees there. Save the file, then upload it and click send. See below:


What email address are the invitations sent from?

Email invitations are sent from a Blackbird email address, with your event's organizer listed as the sender. All replies to your email invitations will be sent to the email address of your event's organizer. To edit this information, visit the Edit Settings page from your event's dashboard page.


What in the email invitation can I edit? 

Your email invitations will automatically use the information about your event, including the event's name, date, time, location, and host. In addition, it will automatically use your event's banner image on the top. You have the ability to add a custom message to your invitation as shown below. Make sure you do this before sending out your invitations!


What if I need to edit part of the email that can't be edited?

One of the best parts about using Blackbird RSVP for your events is that each of your events will have a unique URL that you can use to promote your event. This means that if you needed to make additional customizations that aren't possible in our interface, you can use an email design tool and simply link to your Blackbird page inside that email. 

If you're looking to do this, we recommend Mailchimp or TinyLetter (who both have great free options).

Will I get notified when someone responds? 

The event organizer will receive an email when anyone RSVP's. The organizer can opt out of these emails by visiting Edit Settings from their event's dashboard, and clicking on Host Info.


Can I send email reminders?

We've setup automatic reminders to make sure as many of your invitees respond as possible. After your initial invitations are sent, two additional reminder emails are sent: 

  1. One week after your invitations were sent, an RSVP reminder email is sent to anyone you invited who has not yet RSVP'd.
  2. 24 hours before your event, a reminder email is sent to all those who RSVP'd Yes that your event is happening the next day.