Labor Day Party Ideas

Labor Day is almost here and is widely considered the final hoorah of summer.

Our team is based in Michigan which has arguably the best summer weather in the country. Between all the lakes, new restaurants and the insane amount of craft breweries (and also this killer mango habanero hard cider we discovered this year), Michigan is definitely winning summer.

Cue: Collective Sigh

Cue: Collective Sigh

But, I digress. Summer is over and it's sad - but a Labor Day party will probably cheer us all up.

We scoured the internet and found some great Labor Day Party ideas to help you mourn celebrate the end of summer.

Ice Cream Float Bar

Blogger, Julie Blanner is right on the money with this ice cream float bar. I recommend adding a bottle or two of Vernor's to your dessert table. 


Really Big Jenga

Image credit: The Big Bang Theory and  this website . 

Image credit: The Big Bang Theory and this website

Word on the street is that your local lumber store will cut these up for you. There are about a million large Jenga set tutorials on Pinterest, so start there. 


Garden Mule Cocktail

Image Source:  Food52

Image Source: Food52

I've been wanting to make these cocktails all summer and haven't gotten around to it. Check out Food52 for the full recipe. 


Lebanese-Style Chicken Kabobs

Image Source:  Food52

Image Source: Food52

Kabobs are an easy & delicious main dish for an outdoor party and iIf you haven't used plain yogurt to marinate kabobs, you're missing out. Here's a classic Lebanese kabob recipe to try - and another.

Have any other Labor Day party suggestions? If so, leave them for us in the comments and we'll share them on Facebook.