Say hello to Blackbird 2.0

Cheers all around!

If you've used Blackbird in the past, you'll be excited to know that we've redesigned and rebuilt our entire platform from the ground up. In our new 2.0 product, you'll find an entirely new and improved user experience.

Read more about our favorite improvements or take it for a test run.

To celebrate this new milestone, I wanted to take a minute and thank some of the lovely collaborators we worked with to make this possible:

Collective Idea

A year ago we started talking with the team at Collective Idea, a Holland, Michigan based software development team that we've have worked with for years on Sitting in a Tree, the wedding-focused product and initial inspiration for Blackbird RSVP.

We partnered with their insanely talented design & development team to create this new version (it's a custom Ruby on Rails application, in case you were curious). 


Photo by Jill DeVries

Photo by Jill DeVries

Kelly M O'Hara

Kelly is a designer in Grand Rapids, Michigan that we collaborated with on many aspects of the new product. Kelly is a graphic designer by trade but also has a killer sense of style and taste in event production.

Kelly helped us craft our new brand identity and website, as well the photo styling for our Blackbird Pro banner images. 


Start Garden

Start Garden is a non-traditional investment fund & office space based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the last few years, their team has provided amazing advice, support, office space, and some startup funds to help us get to this milestone. 

In addition to being home to our beloved office, Start Garden has been a key early Blackbird customer and even hosted our 2.0 Launch Party in their space.


Invest Detroit First Step Fund


Thanks to the team at Invest Detroit for the encouragement and direction - as well as the funds to support our development efforts!


Photo Source:

Photo Source:


Jill is responsible for shooting all the new banner images you see across as well as our Blackbird Pro banner photos. 

Jill is amazingly talented (check out her work on her website) and was a ton of fun to spend the day with as we sipped champagne and ate donuts (I mean, worked).


thank you


It takes a village. A huge thank you to all our early customers, beta testers, friends, and family for your help, cheerleading and feedback!

Make sure to check out Blackbird RSVP 2.0 for your online RSVP needs!