How to sell tickets & collect payments for your event

Selling tickets or collecting payments for your event? Here are some tips: 

How to add tickets to your event

On your event's dashboard, click on Edit Settings and visit the Tickets field. 

How does the Blackbird RSVP ticket transaction fees work? 

Blackbird RSVP allows event hosts to publish ticketed events free of charge and takes a small cut (1.99% + $1.00 per ticket, capped at $9.50) from each ticket sale. Our payment processor also charges a small fee (3%) for each ticket sale.

For example, If you are collecting $20 per ticket, your attendees will be charged $22 per ticket, covering both the payment processing fee and the Blackbird fee. 

How do I get paid after my event? 

Blackbird will send a check to the event organizer within three days of your event. This allows the organizer to issue any necessary refunds up until the event occurs. If you’d prefer direct deposit or if you’ll be selling tickets over a long period of time and would prefer more frequent payments, please email the details to and we’ll take care of your request!

To ensure your payment is sent in time, make sure you visit Getting Paid on the Event Settings page.

How do I issue a refund? 

Email with the attendee's name and email address and we will issue refunds promptly. 

Can I offer a discount code to attendees? 

Yes, you can issue discount codes with $x off or x% off. This can be a great incentive to get attendees to buy tickets early or to offer free tickets to sponsors. Visit the Edit Settings page and click on Coupons to create them (as shown below).