Ways to promote your event

Whether you're selling tickets or just collecting RSVPs, we have some ideas for how you can ensure your event is well attended. Here are a few ways you can consider promoting your event.

Blackbird RSVP Email Invitations

Send great looking, mobile-responsive email invitations that match your event's RSVP page. Our email invitation tool allows you to add a custom message and send it out to as many invitees you'd like. 

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mobile responsive email invitations


Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Create a Facebook Event
You're thinking: Wait? Don't I just use Blackbird for that? The thing about Facebook events is while they aren't a reliable way to see who is actually attending your event, they are a really effective promotional tool. 

Pro tip: Add your Blackbird RSVP page to the "Get Tickets" section of your Facebook event. Even if your event isn't selling tickets, this will help you get an idea of who is actually coming. 


Use an Image 
Whichever platform you're using, remember to use an image. Content with images get 94% more views than content without them. 

Pro tip: Your banner image from your Blackbird RSVP page can be a great one to share and will help your event's brand look consistent. 

Make sure to add a call-to-action in your social media posts. On your Instagram posts, consider adding a link to your event page in your profile. 

Pro tip: Consider using Register Now, Learn More, and Buy Tickets

Email Signature

Write a brief teaser for your event that you and your team can temporarily add to your email footers, hyperlinking to your Blackbird event page. 

Pro-tip: Sure, you can consider adding an image to your footer - but we're of the mindset that when it comes to email, simple is better. Try something like this, instead: 

Erin Smith, Marketing Manager
Corporation ABC // erin@corporationabc.com
You're invited! RSVP for our holiday party on December 10th



Use your website to promote your event. You can consider adding your event to your website's banner, talking about it on your blog, or adding it to an Events page.